Tuesday 27 July 2021

Minutes of Upware Residents' Association Meeting and AGM

Apologies: Matt Yorke Nicola Yorke, Louisa Haine and Matt Luck

Minutes of last meeting were agreed and signed by the Chair.

Chair Sharon Green

The report is attached. Gwynneth presented Flowers to Sharon from the URA and thanked her for all her hard work over the last 4 years. 

Chairman’s Report

The fourth year of the Upware Residents Association has been even quieter than last year, due to the ongoing pandemic. The only thing we have managed to achieve is the planting of the tree and hedge saplings at the end of last year on the community land.

Sadly, many of the trees were destroyed recently when the area was dug over ready for weed killing and grass seeding. We welcomed two new families into the community, the O’Connors and the Cannons, with a third, the Jacksons hopefult moving in next year, all being well.

URA Bank Account  

Balance in the Account as of 26th July 21 £342.75. Paid out this financial year Website £115.04 , replacement defibrillator pads £150.00 Liability Insurance £225.85. Hire of Wicken village hall in October £16.00

WPC Update from Liz Tory 

Unfortunately the LHI bid for the village gates was unsuccessful. Our bid reached the final presentation stage but sadly didn’t score highly enough against criteria.  

Anglia Water will be starting work next month to re-open the Stretham water pipeline. This is phase 1 of the work. Phase 2 is switching our supply to the Stetham pipeline so work can be done on the Soham water supply. This is being actioned so that we don’t have low pressure or no water issues like we did over Christmas. 

UPDATE since meeting: Anglia Water works for phase 1 has been delayed as they now want to install a new pipeline from Stretham to Upware & Wicken rather than use an old one.


A request to borrow the speed sign from Wicken has been put in and discussions have taken place as to where it can be located and for how long. 

UPDATE since meeting: The speedwatch sign has now been installed at the top of Old School Lane. We will receive data once enough has been collected. 

EA Car park 

The Environment Agency are looking at planting wild flower areas to encourage wild life. 

UPDATE since meeting: This work will start in October and updates will be posted on the Community Facebook page. 


East Cambs District council, with the support from all parishes from Soham to St Ives has voted to re-classify the A1123 as a ‘B’ road. 

UPDATE since meeting: This decision has been changed and there is information about the road on the community page as it now looks as if it will stay as an A road. 

Life on the old west 

Liz will find out when the next funding will be as we may get some help with planting on the community land. We now have a new County Councillor Dan Schumann. 

Community Land 

It has been a very frustrating year trying to get contactors out for quotes and work. This was discussed and a number of residents felt that weed killing and re seeding was not the way forward. Liz will be discussing this with the WPC. It was agreed that work on the fencing and gates needs to be actioned ASAP. Gwynneth has sent an email via the Architects of plot 1 to ask if they can look at getting some kind of temporary fence up between them and the community land. There has been no reply.

For work to commence the tree trunks have been put on the front of the land will have to be moved and there is a concern on travellers getting onto the land. We will need to organise a stone picking day on the land as the bigger stones will need removing before re seeding. The residents will be updated. Long term we as residents need to decide what we would like to do wild flower area, trees, benches etc. There was a feeling by a couple of residents that they would prefer just wild flowers and no benches or chairs. If any residents would like to have more info or to talk about what is going on the land in the future please attend the next WPC meeting on Tuesday 14th September.

Fund Raising 

Volunteers needed to help on the fundraising committee. It was agreed that we will look at putting on an autumn quiz at the 5 Miles. The fundraising committee will meet and arrange a date, and speak to Lorraine and David.  A Christmas hamper idea came up as Clive Griffiths would be happy to donate one to help raise funds.

Queens Platinum Jubilee June 22 

We are looking at holding a village event to celebrate this milestone for Queen Elizabeth. Hopefully on the community land. Please let the fundraising committee know if you are interested in helping. 

URA Meetings  

Going forward the committee meetings will stay at every three months but will now be held at the Five Miles in the small bar area. 


A concern on the cost of the website. We will talk with Alex Tory that set up the website to see if we can get the costings down. We as a residents association have to have a website so we can post the meeting minutes and have open access. www.upware.org.uk

Our thanks to Roger Haverson for all his help on the website. Keeping it updated with photographs and information plus the latest minutes from the URA. 

Election of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members

Gwynneth Griffiths

Laura Petchey

Sharon Green 

Committee Members

  • Liz Tory
  • Clive Griffiths
  • Maggie Haverson
  • Louisa Haine
  • Simon Cogan
  • Matt Luck
  • Matt Yorke 
  • Nicola Yorke 

Any Other Business

Thanks went out to Alex Tory for strimming the front of the community land. Also to Sharon Green and Liz Tory for clearing the weeds from round the saplings. Thanks also to Peter Haine for putting the tree logs on the front of the community land and David from the Five miles for looking after the tree saplings.

Flowers were presented to Liz Tory and Gwynneth Griffiths for all their work with the URA. The URA would also like to thank Louisa Haine who has been the treasurer for the past 4 years for all her hard word over that period.