Wednesday 24 July 2019

Minutes of Upware Residents' Association Meeting and AGM

Apologies Matt and Nicola Yorke and Louisa Haine

Minutes of last meeting were agreed and signed by the Chair.

The Election of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members was carried

Sharon Green

Gwynneth Griffiths

Joint Treasurers
Elaine Haine and Louisa Haine

Committee Members

  • Kiru Balson
  • Liz Tory
  • Nicola Yorke
  • Matt Yorke
  • Andy Cogan
  • Maggie Haverson
  • Matt Luck
  • Clive Griffiths

New Committee Members

  • Laura Petchey
  • Simon Cogan

Note to all committee members to stay on the committee you must attend at least 2 out of the 4 meetings per year.

Please Note that this year the Chair, Secretary and Treasuer will have been in the positions 3 years. Therefore, in July 2020 at the next AGM a new Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be needed.

Chair Sharon Green 

A Bouquet of flowers was presented to Liz Tory and Gwynneth Griffiths for all their hard work over the past 12 months.

Treasurers Report

The balance in the account is £374.31 It was agreed that we need a minimum of £500 in the account to cover all the yearly outgoings.


Table at the Wicken fete Saturday 29th June. Total raised after paying £15 for the table £51.80. Picnic in the Park, Raffle and ice cream sales £84.00. Voluntary Donations from the Defib and first aid training after Hire of the hall £110.00.
Next Fundraiser Halloween Quiz Night at The Five on Tuesday October 29th.Christmas Fayre will be on Sunday 8th December.If any residents would like to help on the fundraising committee please inform Sharon.


The Equipment was installed in May total cost £1782.00. This includes an8 year warranty on the defib and the box. The extra insurance cost up to 31st December 2019 has been donated by Gwynneth and Clive and then the extra cost will be added to the Public Liability Insurance.

Our thanks to John Collacott for installing the equipment free of charge and to Lorraine and David for having the equipment on the exterior of the Five Miles. A Defib and training session was held on 18th July and 14 residents attended and 3 members of the WPC.

Our thanks to First Aid Training Solutions from Chippenham as this was given free of charge. At the training session it was recommended that we purchase a defib first aid kit to go into the box. This has been done at a cost of £19.20 and a cheque was given to reimburse Gwynneth.

WPC Update from Liz Tory 

The community land has now been handed over to the WPC. There is some confusion on what is going to be done to clear the land and make it suitable for the village to use. There is a WPC meeting on Tuesday 13th August at 7.30pm in the Wicken village hall. A few Upware residents will be attending to ask the WPC relevant questions. You will of course have noticed that the trees have been cut at the entrance of the land. If any other residents would like to attend the meeting on 13th to have their say they will be very welcome. The streetlight on Old School Lane is due to be repaired at some stage.


More speed watch dates are to be added.

Local Highways Initiative

Sharon, Matt and Liz have looked into this and we need to apply through the WPC. Therefore, as they already have a bid for Wicken for 2020/21 we will have to wait until next July to ask them to apply for us for 2021/2022. This will give us extra time to decide what we as a village would like to have installed.


There still seems to be a little confusion on this!. If you go onto the Connecting Cambridgeshire website it looks as if it should be in the village by end of this year. Attached is copy of the email received by one resident.